MY .NET Learning Journey…

One of my New Year wish is to become a Subject matter expertise in .NET and become a speaker on Microsoft Technologies.

A part of the action plan towards achieving the above goal/wish is to start a technical blog and record my learning every week. I will be having atleast one post week (not limited to one, it may be more). It will be a summary of what I learnt over the past one week.

My learning journey will start from the basics…

  1. Basics of Programming – Data Types, Functions, Structures, Program flow etc
  2. Basics of Object Orientation
  3. Gradutating slowly but steadily to intermediate to advanced levels of programming in C#
  4. ASP.NET with C#

Its one of my belief that getting basics strong is the very essential thing for a programmer. So, I decided to start with basics. It may take time, but I am sure that after sometime I will be a better Computer Professional.

This Month, I will be reading and posting about two books.

  1. Programming in the Key of C#. Charles Petzold. The url for the author is He is in programming for many years. He has a couple of best selling books in Microsoft Technologies. His one of the book for beginners is "Programming in the Key of C#". A good read so far. Summary of my learning in next blog.
  2. Beginning C# Objects: From Concepts to Code by Jacquie Barker and Grant Palmer Apress © 2004. This is one of the very good book for learning basics of Object Orientation. The author has a very vast experience and is a professor in one of the top universities in USA. She has one of the best selling Java book for her credit. More information about the author in

So, am ready to get started.. I will have more techinical stuff from next week.


Author: azagappan

Hi.. I am Azagu. I live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I am a .NET developer. You can reach me at azagappan at

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