Teched 2006 Day 1 (15-Jun-2006)

Today I went to Teched 2006.   Its a two day event and  it was held in Chennai Trade Center.

I attended the Developer track.  Its fairly a good day.  Of  the five I attended today, I didnt like 2.   I feel that two were more towards marketing the product and so not very informative.   Here are the details

Session 1:  Extending the ASP.NET Provider Model  

The speaker spoke about Membership provider model.  Though the concept is good one, I am not sure how it will be applied for building Enterprise applications.   The speaker was signing the marketing song.. “We didnt even write a single line of code.. we have done so many things..”.   In my 7 years of experience,  I havent written a full fledged application  using the tool features as trumpeted by MS.   I dont wish to go in detail in this.

Session 2:  Ajax for ASP.NET Developers –

A good session. The speaker covered the various programming models in Atlas – Server Side and Client Side.  She had some interesting demos.  She also showed how to write Ajax based application using xml and how its taken care of by Atlas java scripts.  She spoke about various server side Ajax based extenders / controls.   This is the second or third time, I am listening to the ATLAS seminar conducted by Microsoft.   It was informative.

Session 3:  Using CLR inside SQL Server: Best PracticesA good session. 

The speaker touched about the various topics on where should C# code to be used and where not to be used.  How CLR memory is loaded.  What the security aspects.   He described the various scenarios where the CLR code should be used. Basically, he is suggesting that C# code should be used where TSQL cannot achieve things.  Example would be to access a webservice from database, to write user defined functions etc.  Speaker was very knowledgeable and a good session.

Session 4:  A peep at the Future .NET LAnguages : LINQ

This is the best presentation of the day and I liked it very much.  A great presentation.  The speaker went into every minute details of the LINQ.  Other speakers, if you read my blog, take a note of this.  We look for this kind of presentations.  We pay  money to hear from experts like the guy who presented this.   Definitely we not interested in your marketing stuff – ” we did this with one line of code .. we did this with 3 lines of code” etc.   An excellent presentation.  The way he presented showed his experience in LING.  A great show.

Session 5:  Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Enterprise Class Source Control.

This didnt influence me.  I am currently using a Borland product which has features more than what speaker spoke about.   Another session similar in the lines of first session. No comments.  Teched guys, please stop this kind of marketing stuff.
Disclaimer : The thoughts expressed here are purely of mine.  This doesnt reflect the thoughts of any one.

 Finally we had Demo shoot out.  They asked audience to come and present the demo.  A couple of them were really very informative. 

 An overall good day. Lets see how tomorrow is going to be.


Author: azagappan

Hi.. I am Azagu. I live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I am a .NET developer. You can reach me at azagappan at

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