Teched 2006 Day 2 (16-Jun-2006)

Today is my second day in TechEd 2006.  Today, I was very selective in choosing the track.   So, fairly a good day but for one session.  

Session 1:  Windows Power Shell : The next generation of Scripting  

 A good session on introduction to power shell.  The concept is very good.  Its built up on alias concept.   Now you can use unix like commands on powershell. The Microsoft says  its for administrators to switch between windows and other operating systems easily and they can use the same commands to achieve the tasks.  Power scritping is based on .NET2.0.  Powershell is based on OO concept.  Power scripts view File system as objects, registry as objects, process as object.  This means that you can use “dir” on file system, “dir” on process, “dir” on registry.  The speaker introduced to powershell was really good.

Session 2:  Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation – WWF

A good session.  Its about workflow.  Basics of workflow was covered.  A good session.

Session 3:  Sharepoint 2007 for developers.

 A disappointing session. Speaker was late.  He rushed in just browsed through a few pages. I don’t know why they had this session in their itenary.  A flash demo on website is enough to cover this… 

 Session 4:  Developer Productivity with VSTS: Automated Unit testing

A good seesion. The speaker covered about unit testing, code coverage etc. Though they werent deep enough, it was a good introduction.  The speaker spent a few minutes on VSTS features and focused on unit testing.  Microsoft has now realized they cannot get away from agile.  The speaker even touched about TDD and Agile.

Session 5:  BizTalk 2006 Whats in for a Developer.

 An Excellent session. The speaker gave introduction go Biztalk taking a case study. He talked  about

  • EAI  -Enterprise Application Integration
  • B2B – Business to Business
  • Business Work flow and porcess control

He touched about the following

  • Orchestration
  • Pipeline
  • Adapter
  • Business Rules Engine.

 Finally we had some entertainment session.  They conducted a session called  “15 seconds to Fame” in the afternoon. The eight people who entered the finals were contesting for a smart phone and one guy walked away with samrt phone.

To sum up,  given the experience, I will attend the next TechEd.  Even if the company doesn’t pay me, I am planning to go for it.   But the next time,I need to be very selective in the sessions to attend. A good eye opener.  


Author: azagappan

Hi.. I am Azagu. I live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I am a .NET developer. You can reach me at azagappan at

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