Got introduced to Linux..

On 22nd Jul 2006, I attended my very first meeting in  ILUGC – Indian Linux Users Group Chennai.   It was an introduction to Linux for beginers and first time users.  The session was given by Raman and they showed how to install Linux from scratch.  Linux has gone a long way since I used it  about 5 years back. I remember sitting with Sys Admin in my previous company and trying to install Linux and getting Oracle on it.  I remember getting help from Azad on this.   Today they showed the desktop version of Linux installation.

The linux distro now has everthing in it.  The look and feel of user interface is similar to that of Windows, the open office is similar to Microsoft Office.  From open office you can even open an ms word file.   Great.

Raman spoke about FOSS –  Free Open Source Software.  Off all the advantages he mentioned about FOSS, the following got my attention

  1. FOSS is about Freedom – Free as in Free – Speech and NOT Free as in Free-lunch.   Its not about cost, its about Freedom.
  2.  Cost of commercial software.   This is the one which I am experiencing in my real life.  Being in M$ for about 7 years, every time a new tech is released, I need to depend on my Employeer to get the license to learn it.   That means, I cannot do anything in  my  home to try out something..  But on the other hand, there are quite a lot of things happening in JAVA world.  Like ANT, JUNIT, Curise Control etc.  Though alternatives like NANT, NUNIT  are available,    most companies use MS Visual Studio in their development environment (that’s not free)…  May be I am not able to put it correctly, you understand what I am saying
  3. A few years back,  I read an article that Chineese Govt is standardising on Linux for govt offices.. I then thought it was a bad idea.. but now I feel how important it is.  Most of the govt departments in Tamil Nadu are getting computerized and the cost associated with commericial software is going up. They are now standardizing on Open office.  True, govt saves a lot of money in it.

A great introduction.  Next week, they have a session on basic commands.   I have to get a computer and have linux set up.   But, one of my goal is to go to ……  But its not getting materialized.. I need to do somehting about my learning and moving to Linux and open source.


Author: azagappan

Hi.. I am Azagu. I live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I am a .NET developer. You can reach me at azagappan at

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