Thank you – For pointing that I don’t have super ……

Though I can fill those blanks, I am deliberately leaving them blank for a reason which I don’t want to express.

Well, the main reason for me taking up an offer with my current employer four and a half years before is because, I was promised that I will be sent Onsite ( the word – Onsite mesmerized me).  Many things happened – the project for which I was selected didn’t get through and so am forefully pushed in to project that uses technology which is not current.   Though the technology was not current, I learnt a lot of things in this company.  I learnt about Data Modelling ,  got exposed to DBA activities,  got exposed to the workings of a department and above all its my first coroprate experience..  So good so far…

Over the period of four and a half years,  I failed to keep myself current on the technology. I wouldn’t say that I didn’t read/study new technology.  Infact I learnt but I didn’t put them in to use (because of the project constratint).  Me keeping myself not updated on technology let to many dis-appointing moments.   The very first being – my manager who so far claimed that I was doing an excellent job, told me a couple of days before that I don’t have any of that super thing on my skillset ( I don’t know what the super thing he has.. anyway that’s none of my business.  He has the authority called MANAGER and he can talk right at my face, but I cannot do that – not a computer logic).  I was dis-appointed to the core. But then he is true. Introspecting where things went wrong, I found that my laziness and procastination were the reasons.   So many times I planned for studying ( buy books.. believe me I have enough books on the technology on which I wish to equip and they sleep well in my book shelf), but all the times I failed to execute the plan.  But now, after this incident, something has went into my head and heart (something more emontional).  Now, I have a solid plan to get myself equiped.

I did a search on web and I found that there are many people who has been in this situation and many have overcome that.  I get to read their blogs, read their articles and get valuable information from them.  Thanks for all of them. 

I am confident that I can get back and add that Super thing back into me.  Thanks for stopping me and saying that you don’t have that super thing in your ….

Why I write this in an open Blog.. I don’t know.. After all this is a place where I can  my thoughts rather spill my random thoughts….  


Author: azagappan

Hi.. I am Azagu. I live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I am a .NET developer. You can reach me at azagappan at

2 thoughts on “Thank you – For pointing that I don’t have super ……”

  1. Hi ur 100% right, i am working in a same company from the last 4 years and given my resignation before 10 days bcoz of the same reason. For me there is no one even a project manager or some senior from whom i can learn things, i learned lot of new things and implemented on my own. But still i don’t know whatever i did is right. Now i got an offer in a MNC. Will see what others are following, what is the industry standard and try to learn the gap.


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