Microsoft should start supporting open source community…

I read this artcile  –  NDoc 2 is Officially Dead.    Not supporting open source is the major difference between Microsoft and its competitors.  I think its going to be the number one reason for developers and customers moving out of  Microsoft.   In real world, developers face much more difficulties than Microsoft thinks developers face. That is the very reason tools like NDoc, NUnit, NAnt, CuriseControl etc are widely used by development communities.  Isnt it fair to expect that Microsoft should nurture and grow this kind of tools and communities instead of killing them indirectly.   They are of the firm belief, that their development tools has everything in it, but the reality is otherwise (dont worry if something is not there in this version,  Microsoft will bundle it in its next version of tools.. Save your money to buy it.. ).

Personally, Its all about freedom for the development community.  Today, Microsoft has money to re-build software that is popular in market and bundle it with its product and sell it to customers, there by forcing many companies out of business.  Is it a fair game.. I dont know..


Author: azagappan

Hi.. I am Azagu. I live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I am a .NET developer. You can reach me at azagappan at

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