Just Do It Attitude..

For the past 5 days, I was bed ridden because of Chikungunya (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chikungunya).   The worst kind of Viral fever in my life.   When one is bed ridden, he has nothing to do much more than reading, sleeping and thinking about something.  I too was doing all those three.  I was thinking of what made successful people or how did successful people  become successful.   Here, by successful people, I don’t mean someone in the range of  Bill Gates, Dell, Martin Fowler, Kent Beck and others (there is no question these guys are very successful in their life).  I was thinking of people in India whom I am following for past couple of months.  I haven’t met any of these guys, but I follow their blog (and that is the only source how I know about them).

I don’t know if I can mention their names on my blog without their prior consent.  Since I am only writing my observation about them (and all of them are positive),  I choose to carry on…

I would like to take the examples of three people (ofcourse, I have a couple of others too )

Vamsee  (blog.viamentis.com)
Rajesh Babu (http://learningjourney.co.in/)
Ravi Mohan (http://ravimohan.blogspot.com/).

When you closely observe these guys blog,  their thinking and thoughts will be totally different from that of the main stream software developers.   (By main stream software developers, I mean – those are the software developers or engineers or managers who read one or two un-cooked books and hail themselves as experts in XYZ and are fighting to claim up the co-orporate ladder…. ).    I was wondering what might have shapped up their thoughts and thinking.  According to  me, fundamentally, ones thought is shaped by Culture (ie associating themselves to a winning and happy culture), Reading and Just do it attitude.

Let me first talk about Reading.

By reading, I don’t mean reading a book or two about the subject and making noise.   In one of the blogs Ravi has mentioned that he has given away some 300 books on Java sometime back ( he is currently not into Java related Technology).  I am very sure that 300 should be a rare collection of a Java programmer.  One of Rajesh Babu’s venture- learningjoureny is help readers to get books that are not available in India.  Successful people read a lot.  They spend lot of time reading books.  In my experience, before hearing about Agile Methodologies, most of my reading would be technology based books.  They didnt shape up my thoughts.  Just syntax reading and basic concepts.  But for the past couple of months, I am preparing myself to become a better developer.   Agile methodologies showed me many directions in this regard. My reading  expanded too many different books. Book after book, I feel that I need to learn more and more about it. After reading a book, I feel confident, but at the same time, I feel that I haven’t read much. So, I keep reading…   One right book will  ignite you.  That one book will make you to look for another and another.   For the first time in my life, I read two books in month of Aug and am reading the third one. I have many in my to buy list. 

Second Culture.   Here I am not talking about culture that has normal meaning.  Successful people create their culture of their own.  They  have their own displicines.They stick to their disciplines.  They know how to make negatives positive.    They do what ever it takes to achieve things.  They are not bothered about this and that daily routine.  They will create an environment for their success. Vamsee moved from Hyderabad to Chennai,  Rajesh moved from Banagalore to Chennai, Ravi is planning to move from Bangalore to USA.  Successful people move to places where they love to be.  They don’t get stuck with the culture where everyone knowingly get caught and refuse to come out. If the place is not good, they move, if the company they work for is not good they move to another, if they don’t find any satisfied company, the plan to start their own.  Creating a culture is very difficult. Its easier said than done.  This is the one which I will be moving towards in the next  year.  

Just Do it Attitude…

Attitude plays an important role in shaping up ones life.  All these successful people have Just do it attitude. They do the most important things in their life and leave other things back.   If they feel that their thoughts and directions are right, they move on.. They don’t wait asking others for their suggestions.  They just keep doing things and move on.  They learn new things, they do new things and they just do it.
And finally yes, I am working towards becoming one of successful.  My metric for measuring Success is very high. I know it will take a lot of time to achieve it.  But I am confident that I will at one point in my life achieve it and continue doing it.