How do I practice Programming..

Everyone knows, in this Industry, one has to keep studying and practicing. But many doesn’t know what to practice, how to practice and more importantly why to practice…. I found these links really useful.


Indian IT and Attrition. Who’s fault is it anyway?

I am with the current Employer for the past 4.5 years.  When I look around my cubicle,  I see that almost all my friends has quit and are working in other companies.  Some even made multiple job moves. I see new faces every day.  Its not just the case with my employer. It happens in almost all the IT  companies in India.  I thought for a while and found the following are the major reasons for employees moving quite often

1. Onsite Opportunities
2. Employee Recognition. 
3. Career Growth in Current Job
4. Money
5. Work on Newer Technologies
6. Poor Leadership.  

Of the above only in the first case, people leave the company happily.  For all other reasons, people quit with frustration.  Market and company policies play a major role in this attrition game.  Take for example –  “Career Building  by Job – Hopping”.  If some X is accepted in some Y designation  by a prospective Employer,  what prevents the current employer  from giving his employee the same designation and work environment ( here I am talking about talented people.. I am not talking about people who make careers with false information).   Take an example with  Money.  Some Z quits his current company O to join a new company N to get 30% more money.  To replace  Z, the company O has to pay 30% more than what he pays for Z.  Why not pay 30% more to Z and retain him?

As you know, thinking about this makes you go mad.  You can come up with examples like this. I was wondering where things are going wrong?  Is it the Employee or the Employer?.  A kind of difficult question to answer.  Employee and Employer have their own reasons to speak up. As always, Google is the right place to find the answers.  Here is what I found from Google.  No wonder, people have already thought about this.  But then there is no solution for this until otherwise companies have a strong policies of retaining employees.

Combating high attrition  (Source : Express Computer)

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