Starting an eLerning course on OOAD through Adaptive Learning Solutions

Adaptive Learning Solutions is offering a web based course on OOAD. I have signed up for this course. In coming weeks, I will be blogging on what I learnt from this course.

I have been searching for someone to help me learn OOAD. My search ended on Adaptive Learning Solutions. and there are many reasons, I choose to go with Adaptive Learning Solutions.

  1. The author is well experienced in OOAD. He knows that OO is an important skill that an developer should acquire.
  2. I am really impressed with his technical capabilities. This is evident from his blog. All his technical articles are very detailed and are very interesting to read.
  3. He has a good Course Content.
  4. The way the course is modeled is excellent. Its kind of self learning. I will be writing what I learnt in the blog and he will comment on my understanding of the concepts.
  5. Above all, I was impressed by his concepts about learning. Click Here to learn more.

I am planning to utilize this learning opportunity to the fullest. I am confident that I will gain more from this course.


Desktop Blog Writing Tool.

I am going to try out with two blogging tools.

  1. WindowsLive Writer
  2. BlogDesk

Sofar, I feel that BlogDesk  is more customized for wordpress.  It can download the categories and allows you to make posts on certain categories.  On the other hand, WindowsLive Writer has a better Spell checker than BlogDesk (Update : WindowsLive Writer also has wordpress categories on the top right hand corner).   So, kind of confused which one to go with.  I will be using WindowsLive Writer for sometime and see how it goes. 

I am joining a webbased course on OO. I will post about this in my next post.

Just got my BSNL Broadband connection..

I got my broadband connection from BSNL chennai on Saturday, 17 Mar 2007.  I had earlier applied for the connection about a month and a half back.   Seems that BSNL chennai is getting too many bookings on a day and so, they are not able to keep up with the pace.

Good that the internet connections are getting in-expensive in India. Thanks to the communication minister. More and more people are getting connected to Internet now a days.  

 Now that I have my net connection in home, I will be posting regularly on this blog.  Lets see how things go …