Agile Chennai 2007 conference Oct 5th & 6th (tentative )

Anna University, chennai will host Agile Chennai 2007 conference on Oct 5th & 6th (tentative). Naresh Jain is working through the details of the conference.

You can find more about this conference in

This is targeted towards beginners. So, if you are interested in Agile, do plan to attend this conference.


Path to become a better developer..

When you read books, there are some lines that catch your attention. The following are the some of the lines that really inspired me.. These are the lines by people who are great developers and who have accomplished a lot in their career.

Bottom line, go, read books, learn skills, write programs, programs and programs to become a better developer. Nothing, but a disciplined and focused hard work can make you a better developer.

Book : Object Thinking by David West

“The destination is easy—to become a better software developer. Or maybe not so easy since “better” requires more than the addition of yet another skill or technique to one’s repertoire. Techniques, tools, skills, and facts are part of becoming better but are insufficient in themselves. Integration with existing skills, the transformation of facts into knowledge (even wisdom), and the ability to base one’s future actions on principles and ideas instead of rote procedures are all essential to becoming better.”

“The process of learning a culture—enculturation—is partly explicit but mostly implicit. The explicit part can be put into books and taught in seminars or classrooms. Most of culture is acquired by a process of absorption—by living and practicing the culture with those who already share it. ”

Read the entire preface of the book here

Book : Designing Object-Oriented Software by by Rebecca Wirfs-Brock , Brian Wilkerson , Lauren Wiener

“Like any other human endeavor, software design is an art: discipline, hard work, inspiration and sound technique all play their parts.”

Reading list – Jul -07 & Aug-07

Here are the list of books that I will be reading in Jul and Aug of -07

  1. Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Programming Step By Step
  2. Programming Microsoft Visual C# 2005: The Language
  3. Object Design: Roles, Responsibilities, and Collaborations
  4. My Job Went to India: 52 Ways to Save Your Job

I know its bit too ambitious.  But,  I am going to take this up a  monthly goal and review it at the end of Aug.  One of my objective is to read almost all the books that are on my bookshelf.   I buy books , read a couple of chapters and jump to another book.   I am not going to do that this time.

Becoming a better person, developer..

I have been a little lazy over past couple of months.  Should bring in more self motivation to my life.  I am planning to use this blog as my Self Motivator. I share what I am planning to do and what I did.

That being said, Justice Gray blogged on “How I am becoming a better developer, part 1 of infinity -“ by posting his goals to the public. This blog entry is based on simple idea – have your goals written and share it with someone. Cool.

I was not tagged by anyone (read Justice Gray blog ) , but am greatly inspired by the above blog entry. I am trying to experiment  myself by writing my goals and sharing with you.  This, in a way is kind of self motivator.  Here goes what I am planning to do for the rest of the year.

  1. Health
    Yes, I am a programmer and I spent most of my day sitting. I also have a bad eating habits. I am putting Health as my first priority for obvious reasons. . I am planning to join a Basketball Club. At the least, I will be jogging every day. If anyone of you live in Chennai and would like to play basketball, do drop me a mail.
  2. Read Two books every month
    I would be reading two books a month. I have a very long list of books to read. Each month, I will post an entry on what books I am planning to read and at the end of the month do a retrospect about my reading.
  3. Learn Agile Methodologies.
    Agile Methodologies….. Of course, Agile is my Favorite subject. The more I read about it, the more I feel ignorant about it. So, a more disciplined approach is required to acquire the skills to become a better developer. I will be learning about these

    1. Unit Testing
    2. Continuous Integration
    3. Build Automation
    4. TDD
    5. and the list will go on
  4. Share What I learn
    Here comes the part which shows/proves the public that I am really pursuing my goals. I will be blogging about what I learn very often. This blog is going to have more code like Algorithms, Data Structures etc under Code Kata.
    I will also be building some “Breakable Toys” To start off, I will be building an ASP.NET AJAX oriented CallTaxi System. My Breakable Toys would be kind of workable systems that are developed for the sake of learning. If you have any better ideas on projects, please do drop a mail. I would like to join with you or you can join with me to develop Breakable Toys.This year, I would also be speaking in any of the USER groups. I want to bring back life to Chennai Agile User Group which had only one meeting so far.
  5. Read & Understand code of an Open Source
    I will be spending time to read code filed under CodePlex. I will be also spending time to read & understand code from Castle Project
  6. Learn a new Language
    A low priority, but definitely on list is to read a new language this year. This could be Ruby and Rails.
  7. Make New Friends.
    Make some new friends this year who share the same passion as I have. Do drop a mail and we shall meet and network