Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change: Kent Beck

Today I completed reading Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change, by Kent Beck , Cynthia Andres. This books gives a brief idea about the Values, Principles and Practices of Extreme Programming. It also talks about how to get started with Extreme Programming and briefly about Theory of Constraints, Toyota Production System, Test First Programming, How to scale XP teams etc.

Author emphasizes that one should understand the core values and principles of XP first. A good read. I feel that this book only gives you an idea about what Extreme programming is. Each principle, value and practice by themselves are topic of exploration and learning.

I definitely did had inspiration from reading this book. Here are some of the inspirations from the book translated into my own words.

I have to work on things what experts call simple and obvious. Read this sentence 10 times and you will understand its importance.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment to start. Start immediately and you can always make change to the plan by doing a reflection ( This one disease of mine is the one that holds me back from doing many things. Tonight I plan that I should wakeup at 5 AM and start reading the book. Tomorrow, I would wake up at 5.30 AM. My mind tells, its not a perfect start.. Start reading from tomorrow., Heck.. How did the author read my mind..)

One cannot improve anything without first improving himself.

Probably this the first book, I read cover to cover after a long time. I feel refreshed and energized after reading this book.

Well, I am going to start another book tomorrow..


Author: azagappan

Hi.. I am Azagu. I live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I am a .NET developer. You can reach me at azagappan at gmail.com

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