Chennai Agile User Group December Meetup.

I went to Chennai Agile User Group December meet up on Saturday (1-Dec-2007) . Myself, Siddh, Sury Balasubramanian and Balaji met in Gaea Global at about 3 PM and we were discussing till 5 Pm.

We started our discussion with “How to make people talk” in meetings. Making someone to talk is really difficult. I face this daily in my work. For people who dont understand the value of Agile meetings, its always a pain. Sury was mentioning an example on how people talk about Standups or Scrum Meetings ( with sad face, they used to say ” I have to attend a stand up meeting @ hh:mm … ” as if it were a punishment 😦 ). Motivating the developers who are sloppy and convincing them that certain processes ; like daily stand ups, unit testing etc; are essential is a big challenge in Agile Adoption. There may be ways to get around this. For example slide 6 in this ppt talks about “How can a process be founded on people and promote self-motivation & self-organisation“.

Siddh explained us about Mock objects. He walked through a demo on Mock objects starting with a simple situation and moving to more complex situations. It was an interesting discussion.

We also discussed how to publicize Chennai Agile User Group. This time around we discussed about the venue, how to bring more people to the meeting etc. We discussed about running a newsletter, asking people to contribute etc.

I have not completed reading A Practical Guide to Feature-Driven Development which Siddh shared in last meeting. I have borrowed it again. I will complete reading before our net meeting on 12-Jan-2008 at 3 PM at Gaea Global