Commanding vs Demanding Respect

One can earn respect in two ways-by commanding respect or demanding respect. Demanding respect is the respect that one earns for his position/authority in the company (i.e. in a position to demand it) where as commanding respect is the respect that one earns for his abilities, skills and credibility. The respect that is demanded will not last long where as the respect that is commanded lasts long. Demanding respect is easy where as commanding respect is difficult (as it involves many things).Whether we like it or not; agree or not, many times we have demanded respect or respected for wrong reasons. Sometimes it happens with our knowledge and sometimes without our knowledge. I feel very uncomfortable during those situations. I wish to command respect for my abilities, skills and credibility and definitely not for my position in XYZ company or something similar.This is a very good article about thisĀ  subject: How Leaders Can Command, Not Demand, Respect