Time to break the routine and get out of comfort zone….

Times are bad- investments, jobs, projects, stocks and everything are at stake. Its high time that I come out of my routine; the comfort zone and build myself to meet world ahead. knowing that I am in my comfort zone and not taking actions haunts me day and night.

Looking back, I wasn’t lazy. I was working hard both in office and at home. What I missed was “Focus”; laser sharp Focus on my goals. I have put my legs in too many things – things that doesn’t jell with each other. I hate to talk about these in detail and I hate to make yet another promise that I will be updating this blog often.

I am now determined to Focus and Focus on things important and leave out the rest. You would see more updates coming.

Finally, if you are in Comfort Zone, get out of it immediately. For one reason, you are not growing. Period.